Monday, 25 November 2013

Lower level gang progress, monastery thumbnails, Poor Environment progress

Final designs for lower level gang

Environment thumbnails for monastery

Poor environment progress
The first picture is the current my progress on the lower level gang designs. I am happy with the design, I think they look street level-ish and fit the designs of the higher level organised criminal gang I designed originally. Im still not quite happy with the design of the one crouching, she looks like she needs some more design elements to mesh with the other designs.

The second image are my initial thumbnails for the monastery, I think along the lines of building on top of a sky scrapper, so high that it appears to be 'floating' or 'hovering' above the city as per the brief. I think I might develop from the third thumbnail which I think has a nice depth and composition developing. My idea with that one is a high price flats in the foreground, looking on to a plaza type area, with clouds separate the area between that and the monastery.

The final image is my current progress for the poor environment, which I feel is almost finished it just needs some more rendering on the foreground and some details around the points of interests.

I plan to develop my monk design further at a later date, I am trying to wrap up these design for now. After receiving feedback from my tutors about the monk design, I think I will do another set of iterations for the 1st design from the first set of iterations I posted previously. My initial second set of iterations aren't really fitting the aesthetic design of the other character designs for this project.

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