Saturday, 4 January 2014

Final Environment and Character work

Lower level environment scene final
Monastery final

This is a remake I did of the second environment (The one with the top down view) I tried to make it much more moodier than my other environments.

Upper level organised gang final designs

Lower level gang final designs

Final Monk design
These are all of my intended finals for the Excelsior project.

Sunday, 8 December 2013

Final monk design and development, final environment progress

Final Monk design

Third set of monk designs - I developed from the third one.
This was my initial colour pass of the monk based on the third thumbnail

Third City view, highest point of the city view of monastery
The first picture is my final design for the Monk character, I may still work on it depending on feedback. The second set of pictures are the quick sketches I did to further explore the monk design, and the first colour pass that I had developed from the third thumbnail.

The final picture is my current progress on my final environment view, it is meant to be the highest point of the city where you can see the monastery. As per my tutors request ill be taking this picture as far as I can so it will be main environment final piece. I will still try and work on the previous environments over the xmas period, I feel they could both use some more work.

Monday, 25 November 2013

Lower level gang progress, monastery thumbnails, Poor Environment progress

Final designs for lower level gang

Environment thumbnails for monastery

Poor environment progress
The first picture is the current my progress on the lower level gang designs. I am happy with the design, I think they look street level-ish and fit the designs of the higher level organised criminal gang I designed originally. Im still not quite happy with the design of the one crouching, she looks like she needs some more design elements to mesh with the other designs.

The second image are my initial thumbnails for the monastery, I think along the lines of building on top of a sky scrapper, so high that it appears to be 'floating' or 'hovering' above the city as per the brief. I think I might develop from the third thumbnail which I think has a nice depth and composition developing. My idea with that one is a high price flats in the foreground, looking on to a plaza type area, with clouds separate the area between that and the monastery.

The final image is my current progress for the poor environment, which I feel is almost finished it just needs some more rendering on the foreground and some details around the points of interests.

I plan to develop my monk design further at a later date, I am trying to wrap up these design for now. After receiving feedback from my tutors about the monk design, I think I will do another set of iterations for the 1st design from the first set of iterations I posted previously. My initial second set of iterations aren't really fitting the aesthetic design of the other character designs for this project.

Thursday, 21 November 2013

Further development, monk and lower level gang designs.

Rich perspective, Excelsior project

Poor perspective, Excelsior project

Poor perspective colour variation

Organised gang final design wip

Initial monk sketches

Second iteration of monk sketches

Initial lower level gang sketch
This is my current progress for the Excelsior project. The colour variation of the poor environment was a suggestion by my tutor Nigel to tone down the colours, I tried a more bluish glum look to the piece to reflect the poor nature of the environment.

He also ask me to design a lower level type gang as my gang looks very organised, and higher up. As such I decided to keep with the cyber punk look, and have characters that wear leather jackets, torn jeans, have pads, patches, and other symbols. I kind of have Sons of Anarchy in mind in terms of the look, but with punk like edition of spikes, hairstyles, the way their posed and body weight (there more skinny, rather than the bulky/built look bikers tend to have) bandanas and so on.

For the monk I am going in the direction of a Japanese like look of a warrior monk, with the detail of a a character from war hammer.

Monday, 4 November 2013

Further development excelsior project

Wip4 Excelsior rich area final

Excelsior poor area thumbs

Excelsior poor area wip 1
Technician thumbs

Bodyguard thumbs

Thief thumbs

Final design line up

Here is some further development work for the excelsior project. The first is my current wip of the rich area, I feel its almost done it just needs a bit of clean up. The second two images are iterations from a bottom to top view of the poor area. My idea was that the poor area was lots of buildings layered on top of each other connected with platforms. Little natural light, and lots of pollution would be the result of this compact building arrangement.

I made the gang a group of three that each fulfilled a different role within the group. The gangs primarily purpose would be a highly organised group of thieves.

Monday, 28 October 2013

Blue Beetle final, development work and current iterations of the Excelsior project

Blue Beetle final version

Initial sketch for Excelsior environment

Second iterations for Excelsior environment

Wip1 Excelsior top down view of rich area

Wip 2 Excelsior rich area

Initial gang member concepts

Second iteration of gang members
The first picture is my final designs for the Blue Beetle project. Next is the development work for the Excelsior project. I started off with abstract environment pieces for the project as I did not know which direction I wanted to go. I decided after my first set of iterations and research I wanted to try a city that was built vertically, as the city goes futher into the atnosphere the lower areas naturally become darker and more polluted. I decided this was the best way to show a natural division of poor verses rich hierachy.

This set up has also allowed for the idea of gangs that rob from the higher levels of the city, and naturally escape to the gloom below. For the gangs I want to explore the idea of doing a highly organised small team of criminals each with their own specialised role. In this case it is a simple 'The muscle' 'The Thief' 'The Technician' and a UAV or perhaps some kind of hacker.

I plan to develop on these initial ideas as I further progress and to also do a different view of the city from the poor areas perspective.

Thursday, 17 October 2013

Final Blue Beetle redesign sheets

Third Iteration of Blue Beetle

second iteration of scarab vehicle

final scarab idea sketch
These are my final development sheets for the Blue Beetle character redesign and the accompanying 'Scarab' vehicle redesign. My final work from this point will be placing the final Blue Beetle redesign in a contextual environment with improved anatomy and pose, and making a final rendering of the vehicle above final design sketch with correct perspective, colour etc