Sunday, 8 December 2013

Final monk design and development, final environment progress

Final Monk design

Third set of monk designs - I developed from the third one.
This was my initial colour pass of the monk based on the third thumbnail

Third City view, highest point of the city view of monastery
The first picture is my final design for the Monk character, I may still work on it depending on feedback. The second set of pictures are the quick sketches I did to further explore the monk design, and the first colour pass that I had developed from the third thumbnail.

The final picture is my current progress on my final environment view, it is meant to be the highest point of the city where you can see the monastery. As per my tutors request ill be taking this picture as far as I can so it will be main environment final piece. I will still try and work on the previous environments over the xmas period, I feel they could both use some more work.

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