Monday, 4 November 2013

Further development excelsior project

Wip4 Excelsior rich area final

Excelsior poor area thumbs

Excelsior poor area wip 1
Technician thumbs

Bodyguard thumbs

Thief thumbs

Final design line up

Here is some further development work for the excelsior project. The first is my current wip of the rich area, I feel its almost done it just needs a bit of clean up. The second two images are iterations from a bottom to top view of the poor area. My idea was that the poor area was lots of buildings layered on top of each other connected with platforms. Little natural light, and lots of pollution would be the result of this compact building arrangement.

I made the gang a group of three that each fulfilled a different role within the group. The gangs primarily purpose would be a highly organised group of thieves.

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