Monday, 28 October 2013

Blue Beetle final, development work and current iterations of the Excelsior project

Blue Beetle final version

Initial sketch for Excelsior environment

Second iterations for Excelsior environment

Wip1 Excelsior top down view of rich area

Wip 2 Excelsior rich area

Initial gang member concepts

Second iteration of gang members
The first picture is my final designs for the Blue Beetle project. Next is the development work for the Excelsior project. I started off with abstract environment pieces for the project as I did not know which direction I wanted to go. I decided after my first set of iterations and research I wanted to try a city that was built vertically, as the city goes futher into the atnosphere the lower areas naturally become darker and more polluted. I decided this was the best way to show a natural division of poor verses rich hierachy.

This set up has also allowed for the idea of gangs that rob from the higher levels of the city, and naturally escape to the gloom below. For the gangs I want to explore the idea of doing a highly organised small team of criminals each with their own specialised role. In this case it is a simple 'The muscle' 'The Thief' 'The Technician' and a UAV or perhaps some kind of hacker.

I plan to develop on these initial ideas as I further progress and to also do a different view of the city from the poor areas perspective.

Thursday, 17 October 2013

Final Blue Beetle redesign sheets

Third Iteration of Blue Beetle

second iteration of scarab vehicle

final scarab idea sketch
These are my final development sheets for the Blue Beetle character redesign and the accompanying 'Scarab' vehicle redesign. My final work from this point will be placing the final Blue Beetle redesign in a contextual environment with improved anatomy and pose, and making a final rendering of the vehicle above final design sketch with correct perspective, colour etc

Sunday, 13 October 2013

The Blue Beetle redesigns

Reference sheet example

Blue Beetle redesign initial iterations

Second phase of redesign iterations

Blue Beetles vehicle
Here is my initial reference gathering and subsequent concepts for a redesign of a comic book character called 'The Blue Beetle' as well as the initial vehicle redesigns. For the initial design I was not sure which direction to go in, as such I tried to keep the concepts fairly varied. My tutors and classmates all agreed that the first design was the strongest to expand upon, as such I went with that design for my second iterations of the character.

My goal was to keep the silhouette and beetle like feel of the design, whilst experiment with different patterns and suggesting other materials. I have not decided which direction works best yet however I personally like the designs of numbers 6 and 12 which I feel match the required beetle like design but also feel more intimidating as costumes which I feel a vigilantly hero would aim for.

As for the vehicle I am leaning towards the top right hand corner helicopter/jet like vehicle and possibly the bottom right hand corner design as I feel both fit the character well. The first option I feel is a more practical and modern take on a design for a heroes mode of transport, whereas the next option is more beetle like in appearence as such it is more litteral to the brief. Id prefer the first option personally with the second option as a compromise to fit more to the brief.

I will continue these designs upon further feedback from my tutor.